Why Choose Us

Why Choose Cleverdon

  • We help your child develop holistically in terms of their physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing
  • We believe in nurturing your child’s inherent creativity
  • We foster a community environment so your child feels secure and happy when they’re at school
  • We preserve the fact that every child is an individual
  • We help to build a strong foundation so that your child feels confident in their next phase of life
  • We believe in a daily routine where your child feels secure

We believe in preparing a happy, confident child for the next stage of their lives through both organised and free play, here’s why else you should choose us:

Preparing for the 21st Century, we include in our daily curriculum activities that build foundation skills for coding. These are all uplugged, hands-on activities that promote logical thinking, problem solving, sequencing chain reactions, cause and effect….. skills needed for the future.


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School Hours

School Program: 07h15 - 13h30
(early drop off available on request)
Aftercare Option 1: 07h15 - 15h30
Aftercare Option 2: 07h15 - 17h30