What our Happy Parents Say

  • " Cleverdon Preschool offers so much more than a pre-primary education. Watching our children flourish with confidence in themselves and their learning ability is a testament to the commitment of the principal and the amazing teachers.They provide life skills essential in navigating primary school and their wider community, such as how to handle bullying. This is a school with the children's best interests at heart. "

    Renee McKinon

  • " Cleverdon Preschool is a wonderful school because it has a good curriculum and the grounds are stunning. The staff are well educated, loving and nurturing, making the school like a second home for my children. "

    Diane Grimley

  • " Cleverdon Preschool is like our home away from home. All three of my children went there and we have been extremely happy with the level of love, care and teaching offered by the school. I feel that my children have got an excellent base for ongoing education and social development, and I can’t recommend the school highly enough. "

    Caroline Hawkins

  • " I just want to say a BIG thank you, we had the most amazing time at the school and we will really miss you all. Amy has learnt and grown so much over the last 2 years and she was always surrounded by friendly and wonderful staff. "

    Erma Wellsted

  • " I still clearly remember coming to see Cleverdon Preschool and made up my mind to send her there, on the spot. The school seemed such a happy and warm place and there was just a really good feel there. I think that one of the striking things about the school is that the love for the children is almost palpable, from all the staff. Arielle has a firm foundation for her future and much of this is due to the early schooling she has received at your school. Thank you so very much for all your love, guidance, support and care over the last 2 years. "

    Barbara Vandersteene

  • " A personal note and a heartfelt thank you to ALL of you at Bryanston Pre-Primary / Cleverdon Preschool, including all the teachers and care-givers for looking so well after Isabella. Her time with you has certainly imprinted on her character and confidence for the future and for that I will be eternally grateful. "

    Miguel Chan

  • " One of the best decisions we’ve ever made was to place our son, Robbie, in Cleverdon Preschool. We moved back to South Africa from the UK as a family, in 2019. It was a huge adjustment for us all but was especially unsettling and confusing for our little boy who was just under 3 years of age. We chose Cleverdon because the classes are small which means the teachers are able to give each child the individual attention they require. Strengths are recognized and praised and weaker areas are worked on in a gentle and encouraging manner. Debbie, the principal and owner of the school, as well as her team of dedicated teachers have been kind and supportive of us all and in particular, of Robbie. Robbie has thrived at Cleverdon. He is a completely different little boy – happy, confident and secure. He loves going to school and has great fun recounting all the things he has done on our drive home. He has made progress in many areas which were a concern, including fine-motor skills and willingness to participate. During lockdown, Robbie’s teacher, Sarah, has gone way beyond the call of duty by providing mums with a meticulously prepared, weekly home-program of stimulating, enjoyable activities so that our little ones have continued to learn. It has been eye-opening to realise how carefully each activity is planned both to be fun as well as to cover the different academic targets. Sarah has also been constantly available to give helpful advice when I felt I was floundering. Cleverdon is a gem of a school. I can 100% recommend it to anyone who wants a nurturing, educationally stimulating and wholesome environment for their child. "


What our Happy Kids Say

  • " I love making baking! "


  • " My best thing about school is the bike track. "


  • " I love school because I love the lunch at school and play on the monkey bars "


  • " I love my school because the teacher teach us about stuff "


  • " I love my school because it has a big jungle gym "


  • " I love school because you get to play outside "


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