A Day At School

A Day at School

We believe that routine plays an essential part in your child’s development and security. That’s why at Cleverdon Preschool, every class follows the same basic daily structure. While it’s not fixed down to the minute, an established routine helps your child feel secure and happy in an environment where they know what’s coming next.

Through weekly themes, our teachers introduce new concepts, vocabulary, pre-reading skills and general knowledge, as well as help your children develop gross motor, social and cognitive skills along with encouraging their emotional development.


Here’s what a typical day at Cleverdon Preschool involves:

Arrival Time: Your child can arrive any time between 7:00-8:30am. 

Morning Ring: We introduce the theme of the week, listen to any news from children, and learn things like how to greet each other, the days of the week and the weather.

Perceptual/Developmental Ring: We introduce concepts, activities and vocabulary relating to the theme of the week, featuring gross motor activities, baking, percussion instruments and games to stimulate all the senses and exercise all facets of your child’s development.

Creative Ring: We help develop your child’s fine motor skills, auditory and perceptual skills as they learn new things and have fun, exploring different mediums such as painting, drawing with chalk and crayons, moulding salt dough, building 3D art with boxes and creating in their own unique style.

Outside Play: There are two periods of outside time every day, which are hugely important for learning to socialise and play, and exercise their large muscles as they climb the fantastic jungle gym, play in the sand pits and ride bikes. Before they go outside, each child must put on their school hat and their teacher applies sunscreen to their faces.

Inside Play: For the older groups, inside time at the end of the day (while the younger groups nap) involves fantasy play and important socialisation time with their classmates.

Music Classes: These are held once a week and help your child develop rhythm, learn music appreciation, instrument usage, auditory perceptual skills and gross motor movements. Note that these classes are over and above the usual classroom music and gross motor activities prepped by our teachers every day, such as singing and dancing.

Gross Motor Programme: External sports coaches take these classes once a week on our premises, which include things like soccer, hoops, beanbags, balancing and ball skills.


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